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What all softswitch and IPPBX you support
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Supported Softswitch and IPPBX

Interoperability is the key to successful SIP trunking deployments. We support most of the leading SIP trunking equipment vendors Nextone, Broadsoft, 3Com, Cisco, Grandstream, Ingate, Dialogic, Avaya, Voipswitch, Trixbox, Mitel, Asterisk and many more.
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Codec Support

Codecs are used to convert an analog voice signal to digitally encoded version. Each service, program, phone, gateway, etc typically supports several different codecs, and when talking to each other, negotiate which codec they will use. We support both SIP and H323 protocol and codec support ranging from alaw, ulaw to g729a/b/c.
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Sales Contact

Our sales team is always on stand by to give you all information needed for you to take the decision . they can be reached on sales @ vigiltel . com.
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Latest A to Z price list

Rates are a very important component of VOIP business. We understand this and constantly we update the rates to all our clients across the board. Please email us at sales @ vigiltel . com to get the latest A to Z rates which covers more than 20,000+ destinations globally.
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